Short-Term Trips

What to expect

  • Atlas hosts and organizes short-term trips for Christian high schools, colleges, churches, and para-church ministries that include both ministry and adventure in Costa Rica.  Atlas also lines up athletic opportunities for sports teams. We believe that groups from the States have an amazing opportunity to learn from their experiences in Costa Rica, so we endeavor to make each trip educational and/or athletic with an emphasis on living for Christ. Students may learn about the Bible, culture, Costa Rican history, Spanish, soccer, basketball and other sports; as well as about social issues like poverty and solutions like entrepreneurship. 
  • Atlas is responsible for all logistics, such as customizing a trip itinerary for each group’s specific needs, transportation, lodging, meals, activities and excursions. Altas is located in Santo Domingo, Heredia, in Costa Rica.


Starting at $120 per night per person in the group. This price includes a planned itinerary, transportation, lodging, meals, and one excursion. Airfare is not included. Depending on the activities of the group, the price may be higher.

Do you want to come down on an all-expense paid trip to Costa Rica? Expenses covered would be: airfare, transportation, food, lodging and one excursion. To take advantage of this opportunity, you would need to organize a group of at least 20 individuals to come down on a Christ-centered, educational adventure. You decide the focus: sports, biology, Bible, business, ministry, or _________.  Along with recruiting team members, you would be responsible for picking dates, being in touch with Atlas and contributing to decisions about the itinerary, and also preparing your team stateside. This offer is for individuals and does not apply to school admins or church leaders bringing down members from their institutions. 



ministry & Adventure

March 2023: International Christian School of Philadelphia served with kids ministry, learned about social issues, such as alleviating poverty, and had a hot spring adventure. 

March 2023: International Christian School of Philadelphia served with kids ministry, learned about alleviating poverty, and had a hot spring adventure. 

 January 2023: “Team Pennsylvania,” a selected group of soccer players from PA, helped with a soccer camp and served at a children’s home and had an adventure through the jungle.

A Thank You Note
A Thank You NoteFrom Team Pennsylvania
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Thank you for how you have continually tended to our needs this week. Your servant-heartedness was felt throughout the week. We thank you for being our tour guides, translators and becoming like family. We will miss you all so much! May God continue to bless your mission and service here in Costa Rica! Thank you for the laughs and memories that will last far beyond this week! In His love, Team Pennsylvania, Jan 2023


What types of excursions are available for our groups in Costa Rica? Here are some options:

Jungle and cloud forests: national parks, volcano visits, bird watching, night tours, hiking, animals tours, ziplining, whitewater rafting, hanging bridges, and waterfalls.

Volcano: volcano visits, hotsprings, swimming, horseback riding, exploring on ATVs, swimming at the falls.

Beach: snorkeling, surfing, ocean tours

Coffee tours, chocolate tours, museums

Note: Some of these excursions would be additional to the included excursion, for example going to the beach would be the included excursion and an additional excursion would be going surfing.

Local Activities

We are located in the Central Valley, a few hours away from the beach and the volcanos. Still, we also have some fun activities nearby that our students and groups enjoy:

Sports and Games at the University of Costa Rica Sports Campus and the Poliodeportivo (multi-sports center) in Santo Domingo.

Paintball at Under Fire in Coronado

Parque de Divesiones – a very nice amusement park in San Jose that supports the national children’s hospital. 

The Tres Cruces (Three Crosses) Hike in Alajuelita

Rollerskating at Salon de Patines Music in San Pedro

Going to watch a professional soccer game

Scrimmaging a Costa Rican sports team



Amusement Park

Playing Soccer

Professional Game