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The Atlas GAP Year is a ministry of Atlas Travel and Study Abroad and operates in partnership with MissionGo.  The Gap Year is a two-semester program, designed to equip young adults to love and serve the Lord through Christ-centered Bible and theology classes, hands-on ministry experience, language training, and cross-cultural immersion. This opportunity is for high-school graduates, ages 17-22.

We are currently accepting applications for the September 2024 – April 2025 school year.

Cost for the entire program is 13,900 (airfare not included). 

Calendar at a Glance

  • Sept 12, 2024 – Students arrive in Costa Rica for first semester
  • Dec 14, 2024 – Students travel back to USA for Christmas break
  • Jan 11, 2025 – Students arrive in Costa Rica for second semester
  • April 12, 2025 – Students leave for home

Is the GAp Year for you?


1. Are you a high school graduate?

2. Are you between 17-22 years old?

3. Do you want to grow in your Christian faith?

4. Are you willing to study Bible and Spanish intensely?

5. Are you willing to spend weekends involved in church ministry?

6. Are you willing to interact closely with students and be mentored by staff?

What are students are saying

Hunter Kieley
Hunter KieleyAtlas GAP Year Student 2022-2023
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"The Atlas GAP Program is a vehicle for transformation. A vehicle staffed by godly people who raise up Christ-seeking young men and women in the ways they should go. The classes are biblically sound and phenomenal. Spanish lessons weaken the barriers between students and their Tico brothers and sisters. Weekend Missions give students a chance to put all that class learning into practice. And the growth in my class has been incredible to see. I have acquired much-beloved brothers and sisters, played a hand in giving hope to refugees, and fallen in love with a land I never before knew. As the second semester begins, I am without doubt that greater things are to come."
Sophia Steinhauer
Sophia SteinhauerAtlas GAP Year Student 2022-2023
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"I have yet to find another environment where such a strong and steady foundation of the Bible creates a amazing green-house effect for growth in ones spiritual life. A close knit community, hours spent in Gods word, and adding a completely new/interesting culture and language into the mix really forces you to rely on God is ways you haven’t had to before. Arriving in Costa Rica you will be challenged in many ways. You will be living side by side other believers who may view things differently than you (which is super fun), and on the weekends serve alongside different ministries throughout Costa Rica."
Arella Shea
Arella SheaAtlas GAP Year Student 2022-2023
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"Joining the Atlas Abroad program was last minute for me. I didn’t know a lot of information going into it. However now, I couldn’t be more grateful for the decision God led me to make. I have found an amazing community here with fantastic staff and leaders who are willing to pour themselves out for the students. The teaching is phenomenal. I truly believe I’ve learned more here these past four months, than I have the past four years. Additionally, it’s amazing learning a language and being able to talk and converse with the inhabitants in this beautiful country; serving them, hearing their stories, and sharing the gospel."
Abby Tyson
Abby TysonAtlas GAP Year Student 2022-2023
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"If I were to use one word that described GAP as a whole I would pick 'community.' My GAP community is one of love, growth, challenge, vulnerability, relationship, and fun. It’s hard to imagine life without them. Before I decided to come here, I was in a very lonely spot. I had people surrounding me, but I just felt alone. I felt stagnant in my faith as my desire for the Word was weak. I am a different person than I was when I came here. I was lonely and now I have life-long friends who encourage and sharpen me in my faith."
Bobbi Neureuter
Bobbi NeureuterAtlas GAP Year Student 2022-2023
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"The best thing about the Gap Year so far has been being out in the world. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it because I had never gone anywhere by myself and I’m not that much of a new people person. I didn’t know anyone here before I came. My mom told me about the program one month before it started, so I didn’t have that much time to get the money that I needed, but before I even left the states, I was fully funded. It was amazing and showed me that this really is where God wanted me to be. We are all really close now, and I like the close community we have with everyone here."
Payton Gehman
Payton GehmanAtlas GAP Year Student 2022-2023
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Atlas challenges us students to stretch ourselves in Bible and Spanish, and by the fact that we are surrounded by other brothers and sisters in Christ all week long. To some that might be a turn off, but it’s the students that continually make this program engaging and enjoyable. The discussions that we have gotten into because of Bible class consistently proves that growth and maturity is happening within the student body. For me personally, it’s interesting to reflect back on the GAP Year program and know where I was in September and to see where I am now. And while I’m still figuring out who I am, my identity in Christ has become stronger. It’s all thanks to Atlas Abroad providing the opportunity to learn and grow.
Jadyn Richardson
Jadyn RichardsonAtlas GAP Year Student 2022-2023
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Leading up to moving to Costa Rica and beginning my gap year, I knew God, but I really desired to know more of his word hoping that could solidify what I believe and why. I was looking for a way to increase my knowledge of scripture and find confidence in what I believe before going to college. As I reflect on this year in Costa Rica, Atlas Travel and Study Abroad has met and exceeded my desires and expectations for my gap year. This program has given me the opportunity to learn how to study the Bible for myself, live in a close knit community learning to honor and love others well, and be pushed out of my comfort zone in ministry. I now have a foundation to stand on and continue to grow from as I enter the next season.

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