What is the smallest size group that can come?

We recommend groups of at least 15. We can accommodate smaller groups, but the price per person may be a little more depending on the itinerary.

Do you have to be vaccinated to enter Costa Rica?

No, there are no longer any regulations about vaccinations or testing.

How much does it cost to come down on a trip?

There may be variables that affect the price but typically we charge $120 per person per night. This cost includes a planned itinerary, transportation within Costa Rica, lodging, meals and one adventure excursion. Some groups want to do two excursions (by excursions we mean traveling to the hot springs, the beach, a national park, going zip lining, or going on a coffee tour, etc.) and if so, the cost is adjusted for the extra travel. Flights to and from Costa Rica are not included.

Will students be able to rent snorkel equipment on site or should they bring their own?

It would be better if you brought your own snorkeling equipment because there would be a possibility that the location would not have enough for your group.

If a couple is interested in going can they have a private room or would they have to bunk with other students?

Most of the places we stay at have private rooms available for couples.