Bring Your College Course!

Bring Your College Course!

What to expect

  • Atlas partners with colleges in the United States to design custom educational experiences in Costa Rica for their students. Atlas works with the professor or university department to design the class ahead of time. The professor and accompanying staff bring the students to Costa Rica to engage in hands-on learning and adventure for 1-2 weeks. 


 Atlas’ base charge is $120 per night for each person in the group. This price includes a planned itinerary, transportation, lodging, meals and one excursion. Because some college classes require extra excursions, the price may increase. All efforts are made to keep the price affordable and the quote will be available early in the planning stage. Airfare is not included.

Atlas Abroad Education Program


Merging with your curriculum to provide classrooms and adventure experiences.


Offering jungle, beach, cloud forests, volcano and urban adventures for your outdoor classroom.

Peggy Wright
Peggy WrightBiology Professor at Clark's Summit University
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“Anyone can learn by listening to a professor lecture about different plants or animals found in various ecosystems, but there is a new depth of understanding and excitement that comes from seeing and experiencing them first hand. We were recently able to visit Costa Rica, with Andy Gordley organizing and facilitating our trip. His knowledge of the country enriched our experience, as we not only were able to enjoy many excursions in various ecosystems, but also side trips and stops along the way, which provided a very well-rounded experience. We not only explored the biology and ecology aspects of Costa Rica, but learned about the culture and ministry opportunities present there as well. Andy went above and beyond, creating a schedule for us, and managing all the details, which allowed us to take advantage of the time we had there. The trip was enjoyed by all, and we already have plans of bringing another group in the near future. “